Maria Luisa Castro

Director and Founder

Expertise: All aspects of Residency, Family, Real Estate and Commercial Law in Spain

Education: University of Seville, Catholic University of America, University of Navarra


  • Leading expat lawyer in Spain
  • Proud to be recommended by the UK and Irish embassies
  • Winner of a landmark sentence in 2012 in Spain’s high court against off-plan property developer’s banks, paving the way for thousands of claims against irregular building and banking practices.
  • Registered Lawyer number 2745 of the Cadiz Bar Association and is licensed to practice in all areas of law throughout Spain.
  • Languages – English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese


María founded CostaLuz Lawyers in 2006 and is the Firm’s Director. María is registered Lawyer number 2745 of the Cadiz Bar Association and is licensed to practice in all areas of law throughout Spain. Working closely with her team, María has developed the firm into one of the most highly regarded and trusted Spanish Law Firms acting for English-speaking clients with legal problems in Spain.

The Beginnings

I founded CostaLuz Lawyers in 2006 with the idea of attracting property investment to the Costa de la Luz in southern Spain and help English-speaking foreigners buying property to retire to, live in or spend holidays in Spain.

My founding principle was to help foreigners understand how Spanish law works and get the best possible outcome for their interests. This mission now forms one of the pillars of CostaLuz Lawyers.

Maria Luisa Castro

Costaluz Lawyers Legal Chronicle. 2024 on wooden block on the wood table. Happy New Year 2024. Planning and Goal concept.

Costaluz Lawyers Legal Chronicle 2023

The past year has brought several pivotal changes and rulings in Spain’s legal framework, reflecting a broader trend towards enhancing transparency, fairness, and protection for individuals and consumers. This is a simplified overview of these developments, aimed at making complex legal topics more accessible and understandable for everyone.

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Spanish Supreme Court upholds ban on tourist apartments in residential buildings

The Civil Chamber of the Spanish Supreme Court has issued two landmark rulings affirming the right of homeowners’ associations to prohibit the use of properties for economic activities, specifically targeting ‘tourist apartments’. This decision underscores the Court’s view that short-term rentals for tourism purposes are indeed economic activities.

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Important update for British citizens in Spain: New guidance available

We’re excited to share that the UK government has recently updated their comprehensive guide for British citizens moving to or living in Spain. This valuable resource, published on, offers in-depth guidance on a range of important topics, including residency, healthcare, passports, and much more.

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ECJ safeguards consumer rights: New ruling on the prescription of abusive clauses

The recent ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on January 25, 2024, in the combined cases C-810/21 to C-813/21, marks a significant victory for consumer rights. The court has determined that the limitation period for the restitution of payments made under abusive clauses starts only when the consumer becomes aware of such abuse.

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Regional variations in Spain’s Wealth tax breaks and adjustments in light of ITSGF

As outlined in the AEAT’s 2022 Wealth Tax Guide, when filing the Wealth Tax return for the 2022 financial year, seven autonomous communities in Spain offered regional tax breaks on this tax, each varying in percentage (Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Galicia, and Madrid). Later on, Extremadura and Cantabria also joined this list.

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