Can Ryanair deny compensation?

European regulation EC 261/2004 establishes a series of automatic compensations in the event that a flight is cancelled. One of them is that users can claim economic compensation, an alternative transport and the refund of the ticket. Likewise, they may receive compensation for material and moral damages, as well as the right to receive assistance.

In the case of Ryanair, when it comes to short and medium distance journeys, the compensation will vary between 250 Euros, if the journey is less than 1,500 kilometres or 400 Euros, in the case of flights between 1,500 and 3,000 kilometres. In case an alternative trip is not offered or the client does not decide to accept the proposed flight, the refund of the ticket may be requested.

Can Ryanair get rid of indemnifying its passengers?

Yes, there are three scenarios for this:

1) The first is to report the cancellation at least 15 days in advance.

2) The second, that the warning takes place between 15 and 7 days before the flight and that alternative transport is offered that allows them to leave with no more than two hours in advance with respect to the scheduled departure time and arrive at their final destination with less four hours late with respect to the expected arrival time.

3) Finally, if the notice arrives less than seven days in advance with respect to the scheduled departure time, they should be offered to take another flight that allows them to leave with no more than one hour in advance with respect to the departure time and arrive at your final destination less than two hours late with respect to the arrival time.

In spite of everything, the company is obliged to reimburse the entire amount of the ticket as long as the affected party does not make an alternative flight.

How to file a claim?

It can be done from the company’s website or at airport counters. If Ryanair refuses your claim, you should contact a lawyer.

And how long does it take?

7 days in case of refunds and 15 days in the case of a claim. As regards compensations, an average of 10 days, same time as for expenses claims.

Is Ryanair indemnifying?

They are not, it seems. They are making the excuse of the strike of its workers, such as cabin crew, being the cause of delays and therefore of them not being responsible. This decision is against the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which indicated last April in a ruling that a strike by the navigation staff of an airline does not constitute an “extraordinary circumstance” “that exempts them from indemnifying their clients”

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