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Spanish Supreme Court upholds ban on tourist apartments in residential buildings

The Civil Chamber of the Spanish Supreme Court has issued two landmark rulings affirming the right of homeowners’ associations to prohibit the use of properties for economic activities, specifically targeting ‘tourist apartments’. This decision underscores the Court’s view that short-term rentals for tourism purposes are indeed economic activities.

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Spain introduces 40% tax allowance for companies specialising in long-term rentals

If you’re managing several long-term rental properties in Spain, there could be good news for you in the recent update to the Spanish Corporate Income Tax Law (LIS). The outcome of this new change is that qualifying companies can claim a 40% allowance on their base tax obligations derived from rental income.

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How Spain regulates its holiday rental property market

In Spain, no single national law regulates holiday lets. As a decentralised state, the central government decided to have region-specific regulations for tourism. This is because each Autonomous Community has unique tourism markets and needs, making it more appropriate for them to develop their own legislation for tourism and vacation rentals.

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