Comprehensive legal solutions for a fulfilling retirement in Spain

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At our firm, we have cultivated a deep understanding and appreciation for the unique needs of retirees. Our team is passionate about providing exceptional legal support to seniors, ensuring their retirement years in Spain are comfortable, secure, and fulfilling. 

With this in mind, we are thrilled to offer comprehensive legal packages specifically designed to cover all aspects of retirement life in Spain.

Our services are tailored to address the various legal needs that may arise during this significant phase of life. From navigating the complexities of immigration to managing estate and tax matters, we are committed to offering a seamless and supportive legal experience. 

Our array of services includes:

Medical Insurance Services

The firm assists clients in selecting optimal medical insurance plans, ensuring comprehensive health coverage. They provide detailed insights into various health insurance options, both public and private systems, and guide clients in choosing plans that cater to their health needs and budget. Their expertise is pivotal in navigating Spain’s healthcare landscape, helping clients understand complex healthcare policies, and securing peace of mind with regard to health-related concerns. Additionally, they offer personalized consultations to address any specific health insurance queries.

Real Estate Transactions

The firm offers extensive support in real estate transactions, aiding clients in the buying, selling, or renting of properties. They manage all legal aspects of property transactions carefully, including meticulous contract review, thorough due diligence, and compliance with local real estate laws. Their services also extend to providing market insights, negotiating terms on behalf of clients, and handling legal formalities to ensure a smooth and secure transaction process.

Non-Lucrative Visas

This service is tailored for retirees from non-EU countries seeking non-lucrative visas for a peaceful retirement in Spain. These visas are ideal for individuals with self-sustaining funds and ensure a financially secure and relaxed lifestyle. The firm’s proficiency streamlines the complex application process, ensuring adherence to all legal requirements, and offers personalized support from start to finish, including assistance in gathering necessary documents and preparing for interviews.

Lasting Power of Attorney and Wills

The firm excels in drafting lasting power of attorney documents and wills, ensuring clients’ wishes are duly respected and executed. They offer specialized advice on estate planning, assisting clients in preparing for future incapacity and end-of-life decisions. Their expertise ensures that all documents are legally sound and comprehensive, providing clients and their families with security and clarity.

Incapacitation Procedure (Measures of Support for the Incapable since 2021)

Following the introduction of Ley 8/2021, the firm adapts to the new legal framework that transitions from incapacitation declarations to providing supportive measures for those incapable. This law, amending key legal texts, aligns with the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The firm assists in appointing a suitable guardian or representative in the judicial process, focusing on the individual’s rights, autonomy, and specific needs.

Fiscal Services

The firm specializes in tax consultancy, particularly for retirees in Spain. They provide essential tax planning and compliance advice, helping clients navigate their tax responsibilities and benefit from available tax advantages. Services include support with income tax returns, wealth tax, and counsel on the tax implications of various financial decisions, ensuring efficient financial management.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax in Spain is applied to the deceased’s estate, with rates varying based on the heir’s relation to the deceased, the value of the estate, and the region. The firm offers comprehensive guidance to heirs to ensure they understand their tax obligations, avoid penalties, and effectively utilize available exemptions and deductions.

International Estate Planning

The firm’s estate planning services involve the strategic organization of assets to guarantee they are allocated according to the client’s wishes after death. This includes the creation of wills, the setting up of trusts and tax planning strategies. Their expertise ensures minimized tax liabilities and a smooth transition of assets to beneficiaries.

Resident or Non-Resident in Spain (Pros and Cons)

The firm advises on the implications of residency status in Spain, which affects tax liabilities, healthcare access, and other benefits. They outline the differences between residents, who are taxed on worldwide income and have access to state healthcare, and non-residents, who are taxed only on Spanish income and have limited benefit access.

Non-Resident Tax Returns

The firm assists non-residents in Spain with their tax return filing obligations for income earned within the country. This includes guidance on declaring property rental income or capital gains from property sales and ensuring compliance with Spanish tax laws to avoid penalties.

Exemption of Capital Gains Tax for Those Over 65

The firm informs clients over 65 about their exemption from capital gains tax on selling their primary residence in Spain. This exemption is a key financial relief for seniors, making the management of property assets more favourable in retirement.


The firm expertly manages the probate process in Spain, encompassing the legal distribution of a deceased person’s assets as per their will or in accordance with Spanish law if no will exists.

Our services include validating the will, assessing the estate, settling any outstanding debts and taxes, and ensuring the equitable distribution of the remaining assets.

Additionally, we specialize in coordinating cross-border probate procedures, particularly when actions need to be undertaken in multiple countries across civil and common law jurisdictions.

This unique capability allows us to handle complex international estate matters seamlessly, ensuring a comprehensive and harmonized approach to the execution of the deceased’s estate across different legal systems.

Family Financial and Legal Review

This comprehensive service involves a thorough review of legal and financial matters, such as estate planning, wills, tax obligations, and asset management.

The firm facilitates collaboration with family members to ensure all legal and financial arrangements are clear, compliant, and aligned with the family’s needs and objectives. This service is crucial for families looking to ensure their financial and legal affairs are in order and to plan for any necessary actions.

As we conclude this overview of our specialized legal services for retirees in Spain, we invite you to take the next step towards a stress-free and secure retirement. 

Whether you’re considering a move to Spain or already enjoying your golden years here, our team is ready to assist you with tailored legal solutions. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you navigate the legal landscape of your retirement in Spain, ensuring your peace of mind and the freedom to fully embrace this beautiful chapter of your life. Your dream retirement awaits, and we’re here to make it a reality.

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