COVID-19 health crisis | New Residency authorizations – May 20th 2020

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From May 20th 2020 the following measures came into effect concerning foreign residency in Spain:

Extension of temporary residence or work permits and stay permits.

1. Temporary residence, work permits and stay permits for studies, student mobility, non-labour practices, or volunteer services provided for in the immigration regulations whose validity expired during the State of Alarm or expired in the 90 days before date it was decreed (March 14th 2020), will be automatically extended. There is no need to wait for a personal reply from the Immigration Office.

2. The automatic extension will start the day after the expiry of the permit. It will be valid for a maximum of 6 months after the end of the state of alarm.

3. This automatic extension will apply to the permits referred to in section 1, regardless of whether requests for renewal, extension or modification were submitted before this order came into force provided that they have not been resolved previously. 

The said extension will be without effect when the resolution of the initiated procedure is more favourable to the interested party.

4. The automatic extension mentioned here will not be applied to foreigners in Spain for periods of training. 

5. The validity of foreigner identity cards granted and issued under the permits listed in section 1 in this article and whose validity would have expired during the state of alarm, as well as in the 90 days before it came into effect, will be automatically extended for the same period as the permits.

6. The renewal, extension or modification of the permit that has been extended under the provisions of this article shall be governed, in terms of procedure, requirements, effects and duration.

The corresponding applications may be submitted at any time during the term of the extension or up to 90 days after the end date of its validity, with no sanctions for the delay. 

The extension of the family cards of a citizen of the European Union.

Automatically extended during the validity of the state of alarm and up to six months from the end, the validity of the family cards of a citizen of the Union whose validity would have expired during the state of alarm or in the ninety calendar days before the date on which it was decreed.

Extension of foreign identity cards granted based on long-term residence.

The validity of foreigner identity cards based on a long-term residence whose validity would have expired during the state of alarm or in the 90 days before the date it was declared (March 14th 2020) are automatically extended for up to 6 months after its end.

Extension of stays of up to 90 days.

1. Those people whose permission to stay in Spain was for a period of up to 90 days that has expired during the state of alarm will have their stay automatically extended for 3 months.

2. This validity is limited to Spanish territory.

3. The extended period will be taken into account to calculate the maximum authorized time for future stays.

Extension of long-stay visas

The validity of long-term visas issued under a Youth Mobility Agreement, as well as study visas for up to 180 days whose validity expires during the state of alarm, will be extended for 3 months after the end of the state of alarm, provided that the holder is in Spain and has not been able to return to his country of origin.

Entry into Spain of third-country nationals, residence or work permit holders, holders of an EU family card, those holding an identity card whose validity is based on extended long-term residence or long-term visas for investors and entrepreneurs.

1. Holders of permits included in Article 1, as well as holders of an EU family card or a foreigner’s identity card, issued based on an extended long-term residency, who are currently abroad may enter Spain. They must show a valid travel document and theexpired foreigner’s identity card issued in Spain.

2. Holders of long-term visas issued under Law 14/2013, supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization, whose validity will expire during the state of alarm and who are abroad will be able to enter Spain providing they show a valid travel document, and the expired visa.

Absences from Spanish territory

When permits come up for renewal and continuity of residence is a consideration, absences from Spanish territory because you could not returning owing to COVID-19 will be taken into account. 

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