December 28th 2020 Is The New Deadline For Off-Plan Deposit Claims In Spain

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As well as disrupting just about every aspect of our daily lives, COVID-19 has also changed the legal calendar. In this case, it’s good news because it means that deadlines have been extended.

And as a result, the new final date for off-plan deposit claims in Spain is December 28th 2020.

New Deadline for Off-Plan Deposit Claims

During the state of alarm, the Spanish legal system was closed to claims and court cases. As compensation, the government has therefore extended all deadlines by the same length as the state of alarm.

This measure applies to off-plan deposit claims in Spain.

The new deadline is now December 28th 2020 giving claimants over two extra months to file their case.

Who is eligible for a refund on an off-plan deposit?

Under a Supreme Court ruling in 2015, there are two types of eligible claims:

  • If you purchased an off-plan property in Spain that was never completed.
  • If you purchased off plan, the property was completed but never received a First Occupation licence.

If this is the case with your off-plan purchase, get in touch with us now.

What refund can I claim?

Both cases qualify for a refund of all the amounts you paid off-plan plus legal interest on the amounts, applied from the dates your money entered the developer’s bank account. In some cases, you may also be eligible a refund of legal costs. But you must file the claim before December 28th this year.

Are you sure December 28th 2020 is the deadline?

Yes, absolutely. You will probably read on other websites that the deadline is October this year (as it was pre-COVID and state of alarm), but official sources have confirmed that the new date is December 28th.

What does this new deadline mean for off-plan buyers?

At Costaluz Lawyers, we welcome this extension because it gives more time for buyers to apply for a refund. We believe that more people who paid money for a property that never materialised or cannot be legalised now have time to claim.

What do I do next?

Get in touch with Costaluz Lawyers as soon as possible. We are more than happy to offer your free consultation to take a look at your case.

If it fits the criteria, we will then advise you on the paperwork required and start the application for your refund to ensure it is filed before December 28th this year.

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