How to claim a life insurance policy in Spain

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As we’ve mentioned before, inheritance tax (IHT) in Spain is a complex matter and it can become even more complicated when the heirs and/or deceased are not resident in Spain for tax purposes.

Our dedicated inheritance section offers a comprehensive guide to many aspects including regional and national regulations for deductions and allowances. 

In this post, we look at how to claim a life insurance policy in Spain, an important matter that is often overlooked in an inheritance process.

Specifically, we detail the process of claiming if you, the heir, is not resident in Spain or if you, the heir, are resident but the deceased was not.

IHT payment  procedure

The form to file the corresponding IHT claim is 650, used if either the beneficiary or deceased is a non-resident in Spain. 

  • Download the form from the Spanish Tax Authorities website – go to Forms and then Inheritance. 
  • Fill in the form and accompany it with the required documentation (see below). 
  • Submit the form and documentation online or in-person to the National Tax Management Offices in Madrid. 

Required documentation to claim a life insurance policy in Spain 

  • Original and copy of the deeds showing you have accepted the inheritance. 
  • Copy of the death certificate 
  • Copy of the certificate from the Last Wills Registry. 
  • Copy of the will. 
  • Copy of the life insurance policy or a certificate from the insurance company. 
  • Copy of your passport or identity document. 

Non-resident beneficiary requirements 

If you are not a tax resident in Spain, you must appoint a tax representative in Spain

Non-Spanish documents

If any of the above documentation comes from authorities or officials in a country other than Spain, you must obtain a sworn translation of the document and get a Hague Convention Apostille for it. 

Deadline for claims 

Spanish tax Administration allows you a maximum of six months from the date of death to file the IHT tax for a life insurance policy. Time is therefore of the essence and you need to act quickly. 

Did you know? If you’re a non-resident in Spain, you can apply for regional inheritance tax.

How to make a life insurance claim 

At Costaluz Lawyers, we understand the complexities of inheritances in Spain and have guided dozens of clients through the process.

We offer expert advice and support and take care of all the paperwork and procedures for you at what is often a difficult time. 

In addition, we provide tax representation, essential for non-resident heirs and useful for resident beneficiaries. 

If you’d like a helping hand with making a life insurance claim in Spain (or any other inheritance aspect), get in touch now for a non-obligation consultation.

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