How to claim back travel expenses from a tour operator

Travel expenses covid-19

Due to the Pandemic there have been a number of travel cancellations.

Here’s a templated letter that you can use to claim back travel costs.

Tour operator [COMPANY_NAME]


Website: [SPECIFY]

In [PLACE] ,  [DAY] of [MONTH] of [YEAR]

Dear Sirs:

On [DATE], I made a reservation through your travel website [SPECIFY] to enjoy a trip from [PLACE] to [PLACE], with the following reference [DESCRIPTION]

The total cost of the trip amounted to [QUANTITY] euros, paid in full at the time of booking, as clearly shown in the document attached to this letter as # [NUMBER]

Due to the state of alarm as a result of COVID-19, this trip has been cancelled and, in accordance with the provisions of section 4 of article 36 of Royal Decree 11/2020, and article 160 of Royal Decree 1/2007, General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, I request a full refund of the amounts paid.

I request that the full amount be returned to me by bank transfer to the account number: [IBAN NUMBER]

Yours sincerely,


Downloadable form

Contact us today if your travel operator refuses to pay.

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