Important update for British citizens in Spain: New guidance available

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We’re excited to share that the UK government has recently updated their comprehensive guide for British citizens moving to or living in Spain. This valuable resource, published on, offers in-depth guidance on a range of important topics, including residency, healthcare, passports, and much more.

Key Highlights of the Guide:

  • Updated Information: The guide, last updated on January 16, 2024, provides current insights and practical advice.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Topics range from visas, residency, healthcare, and work, to property, driving, and even emergency procedures in Spain.
  • Essential for Pre- and Post-Brexit Residents: Whether you moved to Spain before or after January 1, 2021, this guide has relevant information for you.

This guide is an essential read for anyone considering a move to Spain or currently living there. It sets out crucial information and steps you need to take in various aspects of life and legal requirements in Spain. Remember, while this guide is a great resource, it’s always recommended to get definitive information directly from Spanish authorities and or Immigration Lawyers.

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