Key points of the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

Digital Nomad Visa

UPDATE – The Digital Nomad Visa has come into force. You can start your application here.

Here you will find all the information you need about the Digital Nomad Visa.

Who can apply?

This visa will be available to all third-country nationals (non-EU citizens) who meet the Government’s eligibility requirements.

What are the Government’s eligibility requirements?

The third-country national will have to meet the following general requirements:

  1. Labour activity for a company located outside Spain or professional activity for a company/companies established outside Spain. In the latter case, the third-country national can work as a self-employed for a company based in Spain as long as the percentage of work does not exceed 20% of their total professional activity.
  2. A worker whose activity is carried out through the exclusive use of computer, telematic and telecommunication means and systems.
  3. Qualified professionals who can accredit:
  • be graduates or postgraduates from universities of recognised standing;
  • professional training and business schools of recognised prestige; 
  • Or at least 3 years of professional experience.

What are the specific requirements?

In addition to meeting the general requirements, the applicant must provide proof of the following:

  1. Existence of real and continuous activity for at least one year of the company or group of companies. 
  2. Documentation accrediting that the employment or professional relationship can be carried out remotely. 
  • In the case of a labour relationship, the existence of the relationship for at least the last 3 months before the submission of the application and documentation proving that the company allows the worker to carry out the work activity remotely. 
  • In the case of a professional relationship, the existence of the business relationship with one or more companies for at least 3 months before submitting the application and documentation proving the terms and conditions under which the professional activity will be carried out remotely. 

What is the duration of the visa?

The Remote Work Visa will be valid for a maximum of 1 year unless the period of work is shorter, in which case the visa shall be valid for the same period of time as the work period.

Can it be renewed?

Yes. The residence permit application must be submitted 60 days before the visa expiry date. It will be valid for a maximum of 3 years unless requested for a shorter period. 

Furthermore, the Remote Work residence permit can be applied by any third-country national in Spain in a legal situation and meets all the requirements

The residence permit can be renewed for a 2-year period as long as the conditions are maintained.

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