Navigating Spanish real estate: Comprehensive legal support for foreign buyers

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In light of the growing trend of foreign property investments in Spain, particularly in provinces like Alicante, Málaga, the Balearic Islands, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, CostaLuz Lawyers offers comprehensive legal support for each stage of your real estate transaction. Our expertise is tailored to guide you through the complexities of buying property in Spain, ensuring a smooth and secure experience.

A recent EXPANSIÓN report has shed light on this phenomenon, revealing how up to 65% of real estate transactions in these regions involve second homes. The influx of international buyers is contributing significantly to Spain’s economic vitality, driven by the country’s appealing Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and robust infrastructure.

At CostaLuz Lawyers, we understand that navigating the process of buying property in a foreign country can be daunting. To address this, we offer a series of Free Legal Advice Guides. 

These guides provide invaluable insights into the legalities of purchasing, renting, or letting property in Spain. They are designed to help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your investment is protected.

Our Comprehensive Three-Stage Legal Support Includes:

  1. Pre-Purchase Stage: We conduct thorough due diligence, verifying the legal status of the property and its owner, ensuring that all documentation is in order and that there are no hidden liabilities.
  2. Purchase Stage: We guide you through the complexities of the transaction, including legal checks, contract negotiations, tax considerations, and more, ensuring your interests are safeguarded at every step.
  3. Post-Purchase Stage: After the purchase, we assist with the registration of the property, the transfer of utilities, and any other necessary administrative procedures.

Our team at CostaLuz Lawyers, led by Maria Luisa de Castro since 2006, has been assisting foreign buyers, particularly non-Spanish speakers, to navigate the Spanish legal system. We pride ourselves on our values of truthfulness, commitment, honesty, and personalized attention.

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If you’re considering purchasing property in Spain, reach out to us for comprehensive legal support. With CostaLuz Lawyers, you’re not just acquiring a property; you’re gaining a trusted legal partner in Spain.

Contact us today via our website for a consultation, and let us guide you through your real estate journey in Spain.

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