Non-lucrative visa for Spanish Residency

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The non-lucrative visa option is an easy way to obtain a residency permit in Spain.

What are the requisites?

  • Show sufficient financial resources to support yourself and any family members that accompany you to Spain
  • Have health insurance for yourself and other family members.
  • Have a Spanish address.
  • Show no criminal records.
  • Not being in an irregular immigration situation in Spain, or any other EU country

What are “sufficient financial resources”?

€26,000 € and 6.500€ for each family member that accompanies you. Yearly.

This money needs to be in a bank account.

How long is it the non-lucrative visa valid for?

One year. After this, you can renew it for two years.

After five years of residence, you can apply for a long-term visa. After ten years, you can apply for Spanish citizenship.

Where to apply for the non-lucrative residence?

The first application needs to be at the Spanish Consulate of the country of current residency.

Renewals are processed at the Oficina de Extranjería in Spain.

How long does it take to obtain a non-lucrative visa?

Three months for Consulates to approve non-lucrative Spanish visa applications.

Which are the next steps after the consulate approved the Visa?

Once a Visa is approved, the applicant has one month to pick up the Visa and three months to travel to Spain, where the applicant and his/her family must apply for a Spanish identity card (TIE).

2 thoughts on “Non-lucrative visa for Spanish Residency”

  1. Hi that’s sounds good for us , how long does it take to get anything sorted so we can buy a villa ,

  2. You can buy a Villa in Spain without a residency permit. As a matter of fact, buying a villa over 500K gives to you residency rights in Spain. The administration has a deadline of one month to answer on the granting of a non-lucrative visa.

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