Q&A on Tourism Rentals in Spain

The rules that as owner you have to follow to rent your property to tourists in Spain are a complete hieroglyph today.

  • What is the law that regulates tourist rental?

Currently, there are 43 different Tourism regulations in the Spanish national territory. The City Councils can also add requirements from the competences they have in planning matters.

  • Can the Community of Owners prohibit tourist rental?

The Community of owners does not have the power to limit the owner’s rights, among which is to rent the property. They can regulate and enforce the statutes that regulate the use of common elements of the community.

  • Is it always necessary to communicate your renting to tourists to the regional government?

Yes, it is, this being the only point where all the autonomic regulations coincide. Together, with the need for registration at Tourism Registries.

  • Is it foreseeable that the regulations will be unified in the future?

Yes, in fact, the National Commission of markets and competition, has created a working group with regional authorities. This commission is meeting with each Community and City Council for discussion and work on this common regulation.

  • How profitable is it to rent your property in summer to tourists?

It depends on the location: some examples: € 36,000 in Barcelona, € 33,000 in Ibiza, € 21,000 in San Sebastian, € 20,000 in Tarifa (Cádiz), € 18,000 in Marbella, € 9,000 in Gandía, Calpe or Denia.

  • How much can fines reach those who do not comply with the regulations?

Fines can, in some regions, reach 60 thousand euros

If you want to know on requisites to rent your property to tourists in any municipality of Spain, you can contact us

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