Spain introduces 40% tax allowance for companies specialising in long-term rentals

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If you’re managing several long-term rental properties in Spain, there could be good news for you in the recent update to the Spanish Corporate Income Tax Law (LIS).

The change to the LIS (specifically Chapter III, Title VII) incorporates a special tax regime for entities that primarily focus on renting out residential properties to longstanding tenants.

The outcome of this new change is that qualifying companies can claim a 40% allowance on their base tax obligations derived from rental income.

The regime covers residential properties, along with their associated furniture, storage units, and up to two parking spaces if rented together.

How do you qualify for the tax allowance?

To be eligible for the allowance, rental companies need to meet the following criteria:

  • Manage a minimum of eight properties.
  • Employ at least one full-time staff member.
  • Maintain rental properties for a minimum holding period of three years.
  • Ensure that the rentals align with Article 2.1 of the LAU (Urban Lease Law), meaning that the properties are primarily intended for permanent residency.
  • Keep separate accounts for each property to ensure transparent tracking of income and expenses.

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