Spanish Timeshare industry being punished by the Supreme Court

The Timeshare industry is being heavily punished by the Spanish Supreme Court as, in most of the cases; contracts were drafted against formal requirements of the Law. The Supreme Court is condemning Timeshare companies to refund clients a proportional part of all payments made by them. Being the proportion based on the number of years that the timeshare has been used over a period of 50 years.  The Supreme Court is also condemning related financial institutions to refund amounts jointly and severally with the Timeshare companies.

CostaLuz Lawyers have so far  helped clients in these timeshare developments:  Diamond Resorts, Club Primavera, Anfi Sales, S.L., Palm Oasis, S.L, Fairways Club, Club Olympus, Promotora Inmobiliaria Balear, CLC World Member Services, Anfi del Mar, The Leila Playa Club, Onagrup, Inmobiliaria Alcanada, Agencia La Nao, S.L, Atlantic Leisure Group, S.A., Chayofa Country Club, Atlantic Leisure Group, S.A, Elite Club Resorts, Pueblo Evita – Fairways Club, Fuerteventura Life, S.L., Heritage Resorts & Hotels

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