Supreme Court Ruling simplifies IBI refund process: A major shift for taxpayers

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In a recent and significant decision, the Supreme Court of Spain has set a pivotal precedent in the realm of property taxation.

The ruling, numbered 1753/2023 and issued on December 21, 2023, streamlines the process for taxpayers seeking a refund of the excess amount paid in the Property Tax (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles – IBI), eliminating the need for special review procedures.

This alteration signifies a major shift in how property tax refunds are handled, particularly in cases where the cadastral value of a property is adjusted.

Understanding the Context

Traditionally, if the cadastral value of a property, initially used to calculate IBI, was later reduced following a discrepancy correction process under Article 18 of the TRLCI (Consolidated Text of the Law of Cadastre and Property), the question arose whether a special review procedure as stated in Article 221.3 of the General Tax Law (LGT) was mandatory to claim a refund. This process often entailed a lengthy and complicated legal path.

The Supreme Court’s Decision

The Supreme Court’s ruling hinges on the interpretation of the legal framework governing IBI and the methods for rectifying overpayments.

In essence, the Court has established that in cases of shared management taxes like IBI, a direct refund request is valid if a cadastral value reduction, following an Article 18 TRLCI procedure, affects firm tax assessments. The ruling refers back to some aspects of the Supreme Court’s decision number 435/2020, dated May 18, 2020, ECLI:ES:TS:2020:973.

Implications for Taxpayers

This landmark decision allows taxpayers to directly request a refund for undue payments as per Article 221.1 of the LGT, without triggering a review procedure under Article 221.3 of the same law.

This simplification reduces the bureaucratic burden and potentially speeds up the refund process, providing significant relief to property owners who have been overcharged due to administrative adjustments in property values.


The Supreme Court’s ruling represents a progressive step towards simplifying tax administration and enhancing taxpayer rights in Spain. It underscores the importance of fair taxation and the need for efficient mechanisms to rectify overpayments.

Property owners and taxpayers in Spain should be aware of this development, as it opens a more straightforward path to reclaiming excess property tax payments.

Next Steps

For those affected by this change, it’s advisable to consult with legal professionals who can provide guidance tailored to specific situations. As specialists in property law and taxation, our team at Costaluz Lawyers is equipped to assist clients in navigating these new procedures and ensuring that their rights are fully protected

To learn more about how this Supreme Court ruling on IBI refund processes can benefit you, and to ensure that your rights as a property owner in Spain are fully protected, contact Costaluz Lawyers today. 

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