The Campo of Gibraltar – Great potential for both business and leisure

The Campo of Gibraltar - Great potential for both business and leasure

The Campo de Gibraltar comprises 7 towns including Algeciras, Los Barrios, Tarifa, San Roque, Jimena and Castellar. Its unique geographical location offers an excellent opportunity for both business/commerce and lifestyle/leisure.

An emerging business hub

The area contains  Algeciras Port, one of the largest and busiest in Europe on a commercial level.

Morocco, just across the Straits of Gibraltar, makes inter-continental business practical and easy. The area offers a Zona Franca, a “Commerical Zone”, offering unique fiscal and corporate advantages accompanied by very reasonably priced business premises and labour cost, especially when compared to La Costa del Sol and other nearby areas in Spain. Property prices are also considerably lower, as well as the general cost of living.

Its unique location next to Gibraltar, with regular UK flights, Jerez at just a one hour drive offering flights to a whole range of European destinations and Malaga airport an hour and fifteen mins away, also offering flights all across Europe and globally.

La Costa de La Luz next door is another expanse that offers an excellent opportunity for development and is commercially unexplored to a large extent.

Due to its unique fiscal and corporate advantages, being based within the Algeciras / Los Barrios Zona Franca area allows a business to stretch easily throughout this Spanish region and even into Morocco, the Gateway to Africa just 14kms away.

Regarding lifestyle and leisure, the area offers excellent natural beauty ranging from the vast Arcornocales nature reserve inland to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.

The area of Tarifa is famous for its wind-based sports, and the gastronomy in the region overall is one of Spain’s finest.

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