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legal wins against spanish promoters 2020

Over the course of this extraordinary year, life has been more about getting through it than celebrating. But even in a 2020 marked indelibly by the pandemic, there have been triumphs. And among them are Costaluz Lawyers clients who have won their court cases against Spanish developers’ banks.

In a year when the courts were at a standstill during months of lockdown, Costaluz Lawyers has still notched up almost 50 wins for over 70 clients. They have finally received justice and between them, recuperated over 3.5 million in refunds and compensation. That’s what we call a resounding win.

Wins for Costaluz Lawyers Clients this year

We are thrilled to announce that so far in 2020, Costaluz Lawyers have won a total of 47 cases against developers’ banks in Spain. These wins are for 71 clients who, between them, have recovered over €3.5 million.

Gaining justice for a client is always satisfying for a lawyer, but these wins in 2020 make us particularly happy. This year has been difficult for everyone in all walks of life and it brings us special satisfaction to know that 71 of our clients have received compensation for malpractice.

“When Spain went into lockdown in mid-March, we were worried our clients would see even longer delays,” says Maria de Castro, lawyer and founder of Costaluz Lawyers. “But despite everything covid-19 has thrown at us, we’re very happy to have won so many cases this year.”

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Wins Against Spanish Developers and Banks

Since 2012 when Costaluz Lawyers first won a court case against a developer’s bank in Spain, we have seen our clients gain recompense every year. 2020 is no exception.

The majority of our 47 wins are to do with off-plan properties bought by foreigners in Spain. The popular coastlines – Costa del Sol and Costa Cálida – account for most. In 2020, our clients have received justice and compensation from Cadiz to Alicante.

“As our clients and followers of our blog know, off-plan problems affect any nationality in any part of Spain,” Maria comments. “This year, we’ve seen triumphs for buyers in many off-plan developments.”

Pioneers in Fighting Malpractice in Property

Costaluz Lawyers are no strangers to victory in their quest against buyers duped by Spanish developers. Using the 57/1968 law, they have to date won over 500 court cases and recovered 25 million for their clients.

“In 2008, when I first looked into the 1968 law, I knew that buyers had a route open to their defence,” says Keith Rule, director of Costaluz Lawyers’ UK office. “Between us, Maria and I dug up sentences from Spanish appeal courts and paved the way for filing lawsuits against off-plan property developers’ banks.”


The results are plain to see. As the 71 clients who joined the long list of winners in lawsuits filed by Costaluz Lawyers well know.

“It’s important to realise that as well as a moral victory, these are financial wins too,” Keith points out. “In many cases, foreigners spent their life savings, pension funds or nest egg on a deposit or purchase of an off-plan property. 71 people have got those back this year.”

The 47 successful lawsuits this year are a further milestone in the Costaluz Lawyers fight for consumer protection.

“Since the very beginning, Costaluz Lawyers has always been about helping foreigners find their way around Spanish law,” explains Maria. “It was a logical step to turn this into pioneering the defence of consumer rights.”

Wins Against Spanish Banks

Costaluz Lawyers’ lawsuits also include cases against Spanish banks for mortgage malpractice. This year, they have successfully sued several banks for floor clauses in mortgages, winning compensation for their clients.

“2020 has been a landmark year for legislation on clauses in mortgage contracts,” says Maria, “and the European Court of Justice rulings are particularly relevant.”

She says that the recent ECJ sentences and case law in Spain open the doors for more claims against banks for opaque clauses.

We plan to intensify our crusade in 2021 against Spanish banks who include abusive clauses,” Maria explains. “Our team is more than happy to help homeowners to gain justice and compensation for lack of transparency.” 

Your win in 2021

If you have had a problem with an off-plan development in Spain or think your mortgage contract may include abusive clauses, get in touch for a free consultation now. Our expert team will review your case and if appropriate start legal proceedings to gain compensation for you.

We look forward to adding you to our list of lawsuit wins in the very near future!

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