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One of the imperatives for businesses in Spain is that they keep and present company accounts. As well as a legal requirement, keeping rigorous company accounts allows you to monitor the cash flow and your company’s financial situation, essential to maintain a strong business position.

What are the obligations for company accounts in Spain?

A company must keep full accounts of all its business activities and prepare balance sheets and inventories. It must present financial statements on an annually basis and these must include detailed accounts.

What company accounts services does Costaluz Lawyers provide?

We offer clients a comprehensive accounts service that includes the following aspects:

  • Advice on accounts and tax issues to ensure you comply with Spanish requirements.
  • Adaptative accounting to ensure non-resident business owners’ accounting methods meet regulations in Spain.  
  • Analytical accounting to allow you to analyse and interpret your company’s financial position.
  • Advising on and compiling accounting records.
  • Compiling, authenticating and submitting financial statements and accounts to the Spanish tax authorities.
  • Regular accounts for your business for monthly, quarterly and annual reports and financial statements.
  • A review of the regular accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as you choose.
  • Advice on securing accounts and operations.

How can I get help with my company accounts?

Get in touch with our professional team who will only too happy to provide a quote for their services. Or fill in the form below and we’ll contact you.

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