What CostaLuz Lawyers can do for you?

We listen to your project and advise on:

  • Best legal classification for the business (Autónomo, SL)
  • Financial possibilities
  • Tax and accounts liabilities
  • Possible Public Aids
  • Obligations as an employer

Why us?

Believe it or not, running a business has much to do with the local culture & laws….so a Spanish team of professionals advising you will make the real difference for the success of your business.

CostaLuz Lawyers assists your company, not just for setting the business up but also on taxes, accounts, marketing, organization, human resources… throughout the whole life of the business, so you have the best professionals by your side sharing your will for the business to succeed and grow in Spain.

How is that achieved?

We offer business programs for company owners so they have our permanent assistance throughout the whole life of the company.

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