Getting an affidavit in Spain

On occasions, you may require an affidavit or sworn oath in Spain. If this is the case, Costaluz Lawyers can help you and provide the legal document you need.

What is an affidavit?

It’s a sworn declaration in writing of the truth and/or facts. It’s almost always made by a lawyer.

If necessary, an affidavit contains an explanation of the relevant Spanish law.

Why might I need an affidavit?

You may be involved in proceedings that require a statement of truth and/or facts. Affidavits are mostly commonly needed in:

  • Wills and inheritance proceedings.
  • Family law disputes such as divorce or child maintenance.
  • Court cases.
  • Administrative matters.

Who is qualified to write an affidavit

Under Spanish law, Spanish lawyers, such as those on our team at Costaluz Lawyers, may write and sign an affidavit.

Can I get an affidavit in English and/or Spanish?

Yes, a lawyer from our legal team can provide the affidavit in English or Spanish or a bilingual version.

How long does it take to get an affidavit?

In most cases, it takes 2-4 working days. If it’s urgent and you need it in a shorter period of time, contact our team now.

What form does an affidavit in Spain take?

It’s a written document that is signed and sealed by the lawyer who has made the sworn declaration. You receive a copy by email and the original affidavit by mail.

How much does an affidavit cost?

The exact price depends on the complexity of the sworn declaration. Please get in touch to request a quote for your affidavit in Spain or fill in the form below.

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