Bilingual Versions of Spanish Contracts

Understanding a contract in a foreign language is always a challenge. Not only do you have to contend with a language that isn’t your own, but also with a different legal system. It’s therefore highly recommendable to get a lawyer to translate a contract for you.

A translation by a lawyer gives you two benefits:

  1. The professional can check on the contract’s accuracy and legality.
  2. You can understand all the contents of the contract in a language you speak.

At Costaluz Lawyers, we provide bilingual versions of any Spanish contract in every field of contract Law: civil, commercial, employment or administrative at your request.

We provide the translation in plain language.

No one other than people who work in the legal profession understand the technicalities and vocabulary of legal language. Our bilingual versions for Spanish contracts use plain English and avoid all legalese. We also strive for direct, short, uncomplicated use of the language and as a result, the translated contract contains clear sentences and the active voice where possible.

We also include advice on whether the following conform to Spanish law:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Mediation or dispute resolution body
  • The clause on language prevalence
  • The agreed currency in the contract.
  • Specific local issues.

Bottom line? You have a full understanding of the contract and its implications.

If you’d like a quote for a bilingual version of a Spanish contract, contact our team now or fill in the form below. We look forward to turning a gobbledygook contract into a document you can understand from beginning to end.

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