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In Spain, as in most countries, companies are required to comply with all aspects of employment law. They include:

  • Social security obligations (signing up, payments and contributions).
  • Categorising your company and employees in the correct social security scheme.
  • Contracts for temporary and permanent employees and those with disabilities.
  • Prevention of occupational risks and hazards.

The expert team at Costaluz Lawyers offer comprehensive consultancy services on all aspects of employment to ensure your company fulfills all its obligations. Contact us for a no-obligation chat to find out how we can help you with your employment compliance.

We can also assist you with the following employment matters:

Payroll management

With our payroll management services, your company will be able to streamline procedures, optimise its company and provide a better service for your employees.

To allow you to do this, we offer a comprehensive outsourcing service that takes care of all payroll matters. However, you remain in control through our unique HR manager’s portal, accessible online at any time.

Our payroll management package includes the following:

For your employees and their contracts

  • Employee registration and updates with the Spanish social security system.
  • Registration of contracts with the Spanish employment authorities.
  • Employee contracts for all types of employment and specific roles in your company.
  • Compiling severance packages.

For your employees’ salaries

  • Management of all salary slips.
  • Payroll accounting.
  • Income tax calculations.
  • For your employee records
  • Monitoring temporary employee contract dates.
  • Compiling, keeping and updating employee and salary records.

For your employees’ tax and social security contributions

  • Management of all social security payments.
  • Management of all income tax payments.
  • Provision of salary certificates.

Managing your workforce

  • Management of all administrative tasks to do with the social security system, state employment authorities etc.
  • Advice and management of paperwork for non-Spanish employees.
  • Management of reports for temporary disability and accidents in the workplace.
  • Management of inspections.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

Employment inspections

Any company may be subject to an employment inspection at any time in Spain and without warning. An inspection may lead to fines or administrative procedures against your company, all of which should be handled by experts to ensure the optimum result for you and your business.

If a representative from the social security inspects your company and reports it as a result, get in touch to ensure your company obtains the best possible final settlement.

Employment disputes and dismissals

For information on how we can help you with any dispute with employees at your company, please read this.

Employer-employee relations

The day-to-day management of employer-employee relations usually lie within your hands and those of an employee representative, often a trade union. To ensure your interests are protected, it’s important to take professional advice from experts who have comprehensive knowledge of trade union and collective bargaining affairs and legislation.

If you need advice on how to proceed with any matters concerning employer-employee relations, contact us now or fill in the form below.

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