Insurance Complaints in Spain

Nowadays, you can insure against almost anything and take out a policy covering your house and car to your health and life.

But as we all know very well, having an insurance policy does not necessarily mean you’ll receive compensation.

Indeed, we’re all familiar with insurance complaints in Spain – companies refusing to pay out claims, policies that don’t cover what you expected and drawn-out court procedures. 

The good news is, however, that with the right advice your problems with complaints about insurance in Spain can be greatly reduced and best of all, completely eliminated.

Costaluz Lawyers offers several insurance advisory services to foreigners in Spain, all of which are designed to ensure you get the right cover and/or compensation from insurance companies. 

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What are the typical insurance complaints in Spain?

Insurance is meant to guard against the unexpected and to provide financial compensation for damage and/or injury suffered as a result of events such as an accident, theft or death.

However, this often isn’t the case and policyholders often find themselves victims of small print, ambiguous clauses or denial tactics by the insurer. 

Problems with the policy 

Insurance contracts are notoriously long and include many clauses, known as the “small print”. Few policyholders take time to read it, but we’re all familiar with claiming on our insurance and discovering that the small print doesn’t cover the event affecting us. 

The solution – seek our advice on getting the best insurance policy for your needs. We can always help assess the legality and value of existing insurance contracts. Housing insurance and life insurance that your bank may have insisted upon for example. There may be cheaper and less restrictive options available.

Unclear conditions 

As well as plenty of small print, insurance policies – like some contracts for mortgages in Spain – can contain clauses that are unclear or ambiguous.

As a result, you may believe you’re entitled to compensation, but the insurance company does not agree. 

The solution – use us to help you decipher and understand all the clauses in your policy. 

No cover for medical treatment 

A sizeable proportion of insurance complaints in Spain are to do with medical or health insurance. Companies refuse to pay out for treatment or care on the grounds that the policyholder isn’t covered. 

The solution – contact us for advice on how to claim against your insurer.

No compensation for life or accident insurance

Insurers frequently refuse to pay compensation on the grounds that death was caused by pre-existing conditions. As a result, close relatives receive nothing.

In the case of accident insurance, it is common for companies to state that the victim suffered the injuries prior to the accident and is therefore not eligible for compensation. 

The solution – use our services to solve complaints about insurance in Spain 

Professional or medical negligence 

Insurers often refuse to pay because the professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers etc) deny negligence or they don’t accept that the consequences for the victim happened as a result of their actions. 

The solution – contract our services to ensure the best financial compensation for you.

Insurance services designed to help you 

At Costaluz Lawyers, we’re very aware of the headaches caused by problems with insurance in Spain. To help you, we offer three different services to ensure you have the right insurance and get the compensation you’re entitled to when you claim. 

Advice on current policies 

Research and the right advice on insurance policies often mean you avoid problems later on. We work with a professional insurance broker to make sure you take out insurance that meets your needs and covers likely eventualities.

We offer advice on: 

  • The type of policy you need for a particular aspect to be insured.
  • The type of policy you need to maximise your risk cover. 
  • How to change your current policies to suit your needs. 
  • Unclear clauses or ambiguous small print in your current policies. 

We ensure that you understand all the conditions and requirements of a policy before you take it out.

We also make sure you get the best policy on the market – our broker has over 25 years’ experience in the insurance sector.

Insurance claims advice

Costaluz Lawyers also offer help with making insurance claims in Spain. We first consider the grounds for your complaint based on your policy and then advise you on the appropriate course of action.

One option is to try to reach an amicable solution without going to a court of law. 

It’s important to remember that you want independent and completely impartial advice. Oftentimes the lawyer recommended by your insurance company isn’t your best option and won’t have your best interests at heart. These are important considerations to bear in mind before starting a claims’ process.

The process involves making a formal complaint in writing to your insurance company’s Ombudsman. This department is legally required to respond within two months of receiving the complaint.

If we don’t receive a reply or you are not satisfied with the result, we then take the case to the national Ombudsman for Spanish insurance companies. If this does not bring a satisfactory result, we may advise you to start litigation proceedings. 

Our services include advice on the appropriate arguments in your favour, all correspondence in Spanish and monitoring the results. We take the worry off your shoulders and do all the work for you. 

Top tip – make sure that you have a record of all correspondence between you and the insurance company in writing. 

Legal assistance for court claims

Should we believe that litigation is the right course of action for your complaints about insurance in Spain, we assist you every step of the way. Our expert legal advice ensures that your interests are protected and defended against the insurance company to ensure the best possible financial outcome for you. 

Cost for assistance on insurance claims in Spain 

Costaluz Lawyers offer a flexible payment plan for help with insurance complaints in Spain and you can choose from one of the following options: 

  1. You can opt to pay us a fee, fixed and agreed in advance of proceedings.
  2. You can choose to pay us a percentage of the compensation you receive from the insurance company after our assistance with your case. 

Get professional help now

Our maxim is to ensure our clients can successfully break through the obstacles placed in their way by insurance companies, unwilling to pay out a claim.

With our help, you will be able to claim for and receive the financial compensation that you are entitled to and ultimately, deserve. Get in touch to find out how we can help you now with your claim. 

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