International Certification, Legalisation, and Apostile in Spain

When dealing with authorities in a country where Spanish isn’t an official language, you may need certain documentation translated, certified and legalised in order for it to be valid.

At Costaluz Lawyers, we provide a comprehensive certification and legalisation service that includes the Hague Apostille stamp so that the document has international validity.

What sort of documents might need certification, legalisation and/or affidavits?

Spanish paperwork that could require these procedures includes:

Personal documentation

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Wills
  • Last Wills certificates
  • Probates
  • Affidavits
  • Criminal records
  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Court sentences
  • Documentation for a visa application

Educational documentation

  • Academic records
  • University certificates
  • University syllabus
  • Research papers

Company documentation

  • Company and organisation statutes
  • Business technical documentation
  • Confidential and strategic corporation documentation
  • Company annual reports and balance sheets
  • Commercial contracts

Property documentation

  • Title deeds

What is the Hague Apostille?

Hague Apostille is international certification that certifies a document’s validity. Its stamp eliminates the need for double certification, first by the originating country and then by the receiving country.

Which documents need to be apostilled?

Public documents issued by administrative or legal authorities, such as:

  • Documents issued by a state court or tribunal (including those issued by an administrative, constitutional or ecclesiastical court or tribunal, a public prosecutor, a clerk or a process-server).
  • Administrative documents.
  • Notarial acts.
  • Official certificates, signed by persons in their private capacity, recording, for example, the registration of a document or the fact that it was in existence on a certain date and official and notarial authentications of signatures.

How to get international certification, legalization and affidavits in Spain?

Just get in touch with the team at Costaluz Lawyers who will be more than happy to provide advice and a quote on the cost of certifying and legalizing your documentation.

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