Long-term Rentals

Long-term rentals in Spain for landlords and tenants

Are you the owner of a property in Spain and thinking of letting it long-term? Read this

Long-term rentals for landlords in Spain

One of the best ways of ensuring a steady income from your home in Spain is to let it to long-term tenants, i.e. for over six months at a time. In many parts of Spain, particularly in resort areas and in large cities, there’s an acute shortage of rental accommodation and as a result, long-term lets are in short supply.

However, as a landlord you need to understand rental legislation in Spain, particularly the rental contract and conditions to ensure your interests and property are protected. At Costaluz Lawyers, we provide expert advice on the following aspects of letting property long-term:

  • Rental contracts – drafting and negotiating.
  • Rental taxes and accounts – preparing and submitting quarterly and annual returns on your behalf.
  • Rental advice – advising on long-term rentals generally and vetting potential tenants.

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Long-term rentals for tenants in Spain

When you first arrive in Spain, you may wish to start off by renting a property as your home while you decide where to buy or because you prefer renting to owning. Whatever your reasons for choosing to rent, it’s imperative that your interests are protected from the moment you sign the rental contract.

It’s also important to know that the Urban Act laws protect those who live in rental property in Spain as their permanent home.

To ensure your interests as a tenant are protected, Costaluz Lawyers provide the following services:

  • Rental contracts – checking, negotiating and modifying if necessary.
  • Rental advice – offering help with disputes with your landlord, advice if you fall behind with payments and legal advice on contract termination and renewal.

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