A medical malpractice by a health professional can cause big collateral damages together with the physical or psychological injuries themselves:  medical bills, inability to return to work etc.

Victims of this misfortune are entitled to Financial Compensation

Our goal is to obtain proper compensation for our client’s injuries and ensure they are treated fairly in the process.

Below is the process we follow when dealing with a medical negligence claim in Spain:

1 – Send you a Data Request form so you can prepare a list of facts about your case and all the circumstances relating to your complaint.

2 – We help you to obtain your medical history.

3 – You will be referred to an independent Doctor who will provide a report to us so we can give a final appraisal of your case.

4 – We will also send to you a General Information document providing information relating to the out of Court and in Court process and a budget of legal costs.

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