Mortgage Claims in Spain

Spanish mortgages have been and are still very much under revision by the National and European Courts.  The way mortgages were marketed and obtained during the financial boom has resulted in numerous claims against banks for miss-selling and for lack of transparency when providing information to the buyer.

If you were persuaded to buy a property during the real estate boom and have ended up with mortgage payments that are much higher than expected, help is at hand.

Contact us if you think you might be eligible for one or more of these services:

  • Negative equity claim: Offering the property back to the bank if your debt is lower than the value Law sets for the Bank to repossess it
  • Floor clause claim: (Clausula Suelo) Reclaiming the excess interest paid due to the insertion of an interest rate limit preventing the benefit of the decrease in the Euribor rate
  • Illegal index claim: Reclaiming the excess interest paid due to the insertion of an illegal index for interest calculation and substitution for a legal one
  • Vulture funds claim: Claim for your right to buy your mortgage debt at the price it was sold to a vulture fund
  • Mortgage expenses claim: Claim back Notary, Registry, Valuation, Taxes paid by you, which should have been paid by the Bank

We can help you. We have already helped hundreds of people just like you, who have been suffering the adversities of the financial crisis and the resulting boom-and-bust situation.

Spanish law can be on your side. We are a law firm that has a proven track record of punishing banks. It’s what we do best. Our results speak for themselves.

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