Residence and work permits for employees

In today’s global business environment, you may well want to employ foreign nationals to work at your company or post an employee abroad. Whether you need advice and assistance with residence and work permits or expatriate tax matters, our expert team is more than happy to provide them.

Our expatriate services for companies in Spain include:

Visa and permits

The visa and permit paperwork is easily the most complex part of employing expatriates to work for your company. However, by using our expert services, you will comply with all the legal requirements and obtain the professional workforce you need.

We provide the following services in Spain:

  • Residence permits for the family members of EU employees
  • Work and residence permits for non-EU employees.
  • Residents permits for the family members of non-EU employees.
  • Investor visa applications.
  • Business visa applications.

We also handle business and work visas for countries other than Spain.

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Tax matters for international employees

Spanish tax law has unique aspects for international employees and our team provides expert advice on tax planning, implications and returns during their employment with you.

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International postings for your employees

If you decide to expand your Spanish business beyond Spain or open a branch abroad, you’ll need assistance with posting employees to the country in question.

At Costaluz Lawyers, we provide comprehensive assistance to allow you to select the best route for both your company and your employees.

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