Why choose CostaLuz Lawyers?

  • We are a pioneering legal firm in Spain, at the forefront of ensuring consumer rights and protection at every step of the conveyancing process. Since 2002 we have challenged and transformed the way conveyancing lawyers work for foreign clients in Spain and we are now one of the leading law firms in the sector.
  • We take control of the entire process, offering you 100% independent advice with no influence from agents, developers or banks. As a result, you have complete peace of mind.
  • We offer a 30-year guarantee for the legal work provided to you.
  • We offer an unrivalled passion for customer care with a solid track record in consumer satisfaction
  • CostaLuz Lawyers are recommended by the British Embassy and by the British Consulates in Spain. We are also included in the list recommended by the Irish embassy
  • Our conveyancing includes a full check of documentation associated with the purchase such as the deposit contract or registry records for the property. Our services have competitive prices. 

Our exclusive extras

At CostaLuz Lawyers we like to go the extra mile for our conveyancing clients and we include in all our packages: 

  • An after-sales bonus, valid for 4 years, for any out-of-court disputes involving the property (e.g. claims from the Spanish tax authorities, local council or community; complaints you need to make against the developer etc). 
  • 20% discount on our fees should any dispute on your property involve litigation or go to court. 

As well as ensuring you buy your property in Spain with complete peace of mind, we can also help you with tasks and paperwork associated with the purchase. Our services include: 

Mortgage selection and comparison – we are experts in negotiating the best mortgage terms for our clients.

Property quality survey – before you commit to a purchase, you may want to check the building for possible structural and quality issues. We source the best surveyor for your needs. 

Property insurance – we find the best policy for your needs. 

Utility supplies – we assist you with transferring utility contracts to your name and with connection to water, gas and electricity supplies if necessary. 

After-sales bonus – our exclusive service provides you with assistance with any out-of-court claims made against your property after the purchase or that you need to make. This service is valid for 4 years and included free of charge when you contract our conveyancing services.

Contact us now to get your free after-sales bonus.

Is It Necessary To Hire A Local Lawyer for Convenyacing in Spain?

There is no need to contract the services of a lawyer based in the area where you are buying the property in Spain. CostaLuz Lawyers’ services are available to you wherever you are in the world via online and email communication.

Our successful track record in helping foreigners buy property in Spain has shown us that this is the best option to ensure absolute independence from agents, developers and banks.

Our ultimate aim is that the conveyancing process in Spain is led by the lawyer during the entire process. We believe that it is only when the lawyer leads from start to finish that the results are 100% safe for our clients. 

How Do You Calculate Fees For Conveyancing?

At CostaLuz Lawyers, we offer conveyancing at 1% of the property price, plus VAT, with a minimum of 1,210 Euros VAT included.

What are the Taxes and expenses when buying a property in Spain?

Buying property in Spain involves a considerable outlay for taxes and fees and you should budget for at least 10% of the purchase price for these. They include: 

Transfer tax 

Known as the Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales in Spanish (IPT), this tax is levied on resale properties only and varies according to the value of the property and where you buy in Spain.

In general terms, it ranges from 6% to 12%. Specifically, in Andalucía, IPT is levied at a flat rate of 7%. 


Spanish VAT (IVA) is payable on new properties only (i.e. a home that is purchased by its first owner, e.g. directly from a developer). It is levied at a flat rate of 10% of the purchase price. 

Stamp duty

Known as Actos Jurídicos Documentados (AJD), this tax is applicable on new properties only and payable in addition to VAT (see above). Because it is a regional tax, the exact amount ranges between 0.5% and 1.5% of the purchase price depending on where the property is situated in Spain. In Andalucía, AJD is 1.2%.

Mortgage tax

Stamp duty (AJD) is also levied on mortgage loans, but new legislation introduced in 2019 ruled that it should be paid by the bank, not the buyer. You are therefore not liable for this expense. 

Notary and Registry expenses 

Unless agreed differently, the seller pays for all notary costs except for one copy of the title deeds paid for by the buyer. The buyer also pays for all expenses associated with the Land Registry. 

Real estate agent fees

Most real estate agents in Spain charge 3-5% of the purchase price for their fees. The amount is usually factored into the purchase price. 

Taxes and expenses when selling property in Spain

As the seller, you are liable for the following taxes and expenses when you sell your Spanish property: 


This is a local tax, calculated on the increase in the value of land and how long you have owned the property. It is known as the Impuesto sobre el incremento del valor de los terrenos de naturaleza urbana in Spanish and paid to the local council.

The tax is usually paid by the seller, although you may come to an agreement to divide the payment between the buyer and seller. Plusvalía must be paid within 30 days of signing the title deeds. 

Capital Gains Tax 

If you are not resident in Spain, the buyer pays 3% of the property price to the Spanish tax authorities on your behalf as capital gains tax. You can claim a refund on the excess amount within three months of selling your property. CostaLuz Lawyers can provide full assistance with this process.

Notary and Registry expenses

Unless agreed differently, the seller pays for all notary costs except for one copy of the title deeds paid for by the buyer. The buyer also pays for all expenses associated with the Land Registry. 

At CostaLuz Lawyers, we have helped thousands of foreigners buy a property in Spain with complete peace of mind. Why not join them? Get in touch for a free consultation now.

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