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Whether you’re a self-employed individual making your annual tax declaration in Spain or a small company with comprehensive tax matters in the country, you need professional advice. Assistance from qualified tax and accountants specialists who will ensure you fulfil all your fiscal obligations in Spain and help you avoid problems with the tax authorities.

At Costaluz Lawyers, we can provide this advice from the best professionals. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat or to find out how we can help you.

Tax consultancy

Tax matters are never straightforward even in your home country and in your own language. That’s why taking professional advice on Spanish taxes is vital because you’ll save time, money and stress.

Among the tax consultancy matters we cover at Costaluz Lawyers are:

  • Tax representation.
  • General tax advice and management for companies (small and medium enterprises).
  • Advice and assistance with tax issues such as inspections, making appeals or claiming refunds.
  • Information on international taxation and avoidance of double-taxation.
  • Court proceedings.
  • Fiscal management for construction and real estate companies as well as foundations and non-profit organisations.

Tax management for companies

If you own or run a company, complying with Spanish tax regulations is essential. The expert team at Costaluz Lawyers take care of all your fiscal affairs and will ensure your company files all its required tax returns on time. They include:

  • Quarterly income tax and IVA (VAT) returns.
  • Annual income tax and IVA returns.
  • Quarterly and annual corporate income tax returns.

If you’d like a quote for the tax management of your company, contact us now.

Tax inspection

If you take professional advice for your tax matters, the possibility of being subject to a tax inspection is low. However, the tax authorities have increased their vigilance considerably over the last few years in Spain and as a result, inspections are increasingly common.

If you or your company are the object of a tax inspection, your first step should be to contact our expert team. They provide advice and assistance throughout the process and will ensure that it is as easy for you as possible.

Accountancy Management

Keeping your accounts up-to-date and in line with the latest regulations forms a vital part of running a company. The Costaluz Lawyers tax and accountancy services include comprehensive management of all your accounts, whether you’re self-employed or in charge of a company.

Our team will take care of the following aspects of your accounts:

  • Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly and annual) for tax and internal purposes.
  • Formal accounts for income, expenses and IVA (VAT) for the tax authorities.
  • Organisation of your finances to allow you to plan ahead.

For more information on how we manage accounts efficiently, contact us now.

Accountancy Advice

If you require more than bookkeeping for your company, we are pleased to go one step further and offer you a professional account consultancy service. Our team includes accountants with official accreditation (the equivalent of Chartered Accountant in the UK) who provide the following services to small and medium companies:

  • Financial planning.
  • Business plans and analysis including cost accounting and analytical accounting.
  • Restructuring of accounts for internal or external controls.
  • Account analysis with a review of procedures and risk areas, and advice on how to introduce internal control mechanisms to improve financial efficiency and returns.
  • Financial viability and forecast reports.
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures for tax deductions and subsidies.
  • Balance sheet adjustment.

If you’d like professional advice on any of the above, get in touch or fill in the form below.

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