Tax Representation in Spain

What does our service include?

  • Preparing and filing your taxes.
  • Receiving notifications and answering them on your behalf.

Can I do it myself?

You can be in charge of your own taxes, but having a tax representative in Spain will avoid problems and complications and will keep your tax affairs in accordance with changes to Spanish legislation.  Spanish tax authorities will have a point of contact, so unnecessary debts or fines can be avoided.

Do I have to pay annual income taxes in Spain?

Generally speaking if:

  • You live permanently in Spain, even if your only source of income is a pension or any other source outside Spain.
  • If you do not live permanently in Spain but have earnings from a business or other source based in Spain.
  • If you own a property in Spain, you need to pay taxes in Spain.


When am I a tax resident in Spain?

You are a tax resident if you live in Spain for more than 183 days – 6 months – in a calendar year.  Then you are likely to be classed as a resident for tax purposes and pay tax on all your income, no matter where in the world they were earned. The 183 days does not need to be consecutive.

When does my tax obligation start as a resident?

If you are a resident taxpayer, you have to submit a declaration in the first year you qualify for resident status, and then after that if:

  • You earn more than €22,000 from employment
  • You’re self-employed or have your own business
  • You earn over €1,000 a year in rental income
  • You have capital gains and savings income of over €1,600 in the tax year

What is the tax chart for resident tax payers in Spain?

Annual Income rangeIncome tax rate (%) 2017
up to €12,45019%
€12,450 – €20,20024%
€20,200 – €35,20030%
€35,200 – €60,00037%
over €60,00045%

Are taxes submitted electronically in Spain?

You can file your taxes in Spain either electronically, using a paper form, or even over the phone depending on your circumstances.

What is the Spanish Tax calendar?

Spanish tax year is the calendar year: 1 January to 31 December.

Personal income returns are submitted on the 30th of June of the following calendar year. Tax assessments are submitted on a quarterly basis and some (those with a turnover above 6 million Euros) are submitted monthly.


When am I a non-resident in Spain?

You are non-resident if you stay in Spain for less than half of a particular tax year.  In that case you still have to pay tax on earnings sourced from Spain, to the Spanish tax authorities.

What are the rates as non-resident?

  • 19% for income from employment if you are from another EU country.
  • 24% for income from employment if you are from a non EU country.
  • 19% for capital gains.
  • 19% for investment interest and dividends. Interest tax is exempt for EU citizens
  • 24% for royalties
  • Progressive rates from 8% to 40% for pensions.

What are my tax obligations as a non resident property owner in Spain?

All non resident property owners in Spain need to pay Non Resident Income Tax even if they do not have any other income. The tax rate is 2% (or 1.1% if the cadastral value has been recently revised) on the value of the property.

IBI tax is also payable.

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