Traffic Accident Claims

What can I claim after a car accident?

You can claim for both physical and psychological injuries, property damage and loss of earnings.

Physical injuries include the possible consequences as a result of the injury. The amount to be claimed will depend on the type of injury, the healing time and the sequelae points, taking as a reference the Traffic Scale.

Psychological injuries include post-traumatic stress or other psychological conditions resulting from the accident that are also compensable and, like physical injuries, are contained in the Traffic Scale.

Property damage is any economic damage suffered by the victim as a result of the accident. This includes expenses and costs that the victim has to assume, such as the purchase of medicines, collar, etc. But also includes expenses such as taxis, rehabilitation, adaptation of housing, etc.

Loss of earnings, which from 2016; are part of the compensation for traffic accidents.

How damages are claimed?

All medical reports must be detailed and explain the symptoms and possible sequelae that may remain in the injured. In the case of psychological injuries, you must also provide a report explaining the disorder suffered and to what degree.

It is also important to provide the friendly report where it is established that the accident has occurred due to an imprudence of the contrary. If there is no friendly report, it is necessary to provide the traffic report, document made by the Civil Guard or Police and where the accident dynamics are explained, according to the interpretation of the officials.

Once all the medical documentation has been provided to the company, it has a period of three months to respond with an offer. In case you do not agree with what is offered by the company, you have the option to sue or reach an agreement with the company.

How good is the lawyer that the Insurance Company provides to me?

If you have suffered a traffic accident, you will know that the insurance company has a number of lawyers available to you, however those legal professionals are not independent and in most cases, this lawyer linked to the insurer, will encourage you to accept minimum compensation, even when these are not fair.

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